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Property of PTFE
he polytetrafluorethlylene, is a polymer with a very high molecular weight constituted by fluorine and carbon atoms.
The particular stretching process of fiber which is composed the DuPont PTFE creates a highly fibrous microstructure composed by millions of filaments connected each other.
This feature allows to the PTFE DuPont to have extraordinary properties, such as flexibility and plasticity, that made it one of most versatile polymers created by man.

The employment of PTFE
The employment of the PTFE DuPont ranges over all the productive fields: from the industrialist to the chemist, from the alimentary to the pharmaceutical with really incomparable results.
The PTFE DuPont by now finds wide field of application among the most commons such as the anti-corrosion protection in the production, the storage and the transport of chemical products, the covering of electric cables, the covering of anti-adherent pots, fabrics and carpets.


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