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Extruded made with unsintered P.T.F.E. DuPont

BLACK TYPE – with lubrificant and graphite

Such as the white one, the unsintered P.T.F.E. DuPont extrudedate is a product that finds many types of application being a kind of tape rods ideal as gasket.
Used to tightness on centrifuge or piston pomps, mixers, agitators, expansion valves or coupling, in presence of water, oil, gas, solvent, vapor, alkaline and acids.


  • It is resistant to all chimica products and solvents, exception for alkaline materials in particolar condition (as DuPont literature);
  • It is a soft and easily adaptable to any centre tightness;
  • It doesn’t harden till a temperature of + 260°C;
  • It resists to corrosive agents.

Thermal resistance: – 100°C + 200°C;
Pressure resistance: 10 bar;
Chemical resistance: pH: 0 – 14;
Density: 1,9 g/cm³;

The operating temperature and pressure limits are not valid simultaneously. Furthermore, they depend on a variety of factors (condition of the joints, sizes torque, thermal or mechanical shocks) and consequently, they can only be given as a guideline. The datas presented in this sheet reflects typical characteristics of the product, be should not be considered as constituting a guarantee.

PTFE DuPont addition of lubrificant and graphite


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