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Tape and cord made with Unsintered P.T.F.E. DuPont

Val-Flon is composed of 100% by unsintered PTFE.
Thanks to PTFE DuPont features, Val-flon replaces all types of asbestos and rubber gaskets.
It is perfect as pomp gaskets, transmissions, pressers, or for the thigh of gas liquid containers.


  • It resists elevated pressions, has got an elevated thermal stability  and doesn’t deteriorate in time;
  • Insures a static tightnessperfect on flanges and metal reservoirs, glass, plastic and ceramic;
  • Soft and flexible guarantees a perfect tightness on irregular or defective areas;
  • It is resistant to all chemical products and solvents, exception for alkaline materials in particular condition (as DuPont literature);
  • It is inodorous and tasteless in spite of being a plastic material it doesn’t have got a melt point, the doesn’t melt, but it reaches a gelatinous state of very high stringiness at 327°C.
  • It is available with adhesive band to facilitate the assemblage.

Thermal resistance: -200° C e +280° C con punte fino a 315°C;
Pressure resistance: 210 bar;
Chemical resistance: pH 0 – 14;

The operating temperature and pressure limits are not valid simultaneously. Furthermore, they depend on a variety of factors (condition of the joints, sizes torque, thermal or mechanical shocks) and consequently, they can only be given as a guideline. The datas presented in this sheet reflects typical characteristics of the product, be should not be considered as constituting a guarantee.

val-FLON – Tape
According to CE 1935/04 standard

val-FLON – semi HD tape

According to ce 1935/04. standard

val-FLON – HD tape
According to ce 1935/04. standard

val-FLON – Cord
According to ce 1935/04. standard


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