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Made with unsintered P.T.F.E DuPont

Graphited – FOR MANHOLES

The graphited VAL-Flon is a particular type of product composed of 85% by PTFE and of 15% by graphite.
The percentage of graphite lowers the friction coefficient, improve the deformation features under load and, in a lesser measure, the using features.
The VAL-graphited flon is used for man footsteps on the small doors of boilers and to cisterns.


  • High resistance to pressure and compression;
  • It is very compact, and it is suitable for applications in presence of frictions and where are particular crushing needs;
  • Helps and favors electrostatic charge dissipation in concentration;

Thermal resistance: -200°C e + 280°C con punte fino a 315°C
Pressure resistance: 210 bar;
Chemical resistance: pH 0 – 14;
Density: 0,60 g/cm³;

The operating temperature and pressure limits are not valid simultaneously. Furthermore, they depend on a variety of factors (condition of the joints, sizes torque, thermal or mechanical shocks) and consequently, they can only be given as a guideline. The datas presented in this sheet reflects typical characteristics of the product, be should not be considered as constituting a guarantee.

85% PTFE DuPont not sintered e 15% of graphite.


val-FLON – piattina
Grafitato specifico per passi d’uomo


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