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Tape made with unsintered P.T.F.E. DuPont

The Mini-VAL is a sealant superplastic made with P.T.F.E. DuPont universal thread of metal or plastic material.
It’s easy to use and insures the maximum tight safety, also it suits all the for gas, oxygen and the water regulations (DIN EN 751/3 – DIN EN 1797-1 F.D.A. –WRAS).


  • Has a very low fiction coefficient;
  • It is resistant to all chemical products and solvents, exception for alkaline materials in particular condition (as DuPont literature)
  • It is inodorous and tasteless Till temperature of + 270° in spite of being a plastic material it doesn’t have got melt point, then doesn’t melt, but it reaches a gelatinous state of very high stringiness at 327°C.

Thermal resistance: – 200°C and + 280°C up to 315° C;
Pressure resistance: 210 bar;
Chemical resistance: pH: 0 – 14;
Specific gravity: 0,8 g/cm³;

The operating temperature and pressure limits are not valid simultaneously. Furthermore, they depend on a variety of factors (condition of the joints, sizes torque, thermal or mechanical shocks) and consequently, they can only be given as a guideline. The datas presented in this sheet reflects typical characteristics of the product, be should not be considered as constituting a guarantee.

100% PTFE DuPont not sintered ;

According to the regulations:
F.D.A. (Food and drug administration)
W.R.C. (Public water supplies approved products)

According to CE 1935/04 standards


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